Robert Poncin

Robert Poncin (1963)

By starting my Practice for Energetic Change in the year 2012 I have gone down a path in which I feel completely at home. After a lot of dabbling within the health care department, coaching and working as a training actor, director, and trainer I finally came to my own place. I therefore see myself as a tool to remove energy barriers in people, to give new insights into their problems and thereby give people the opportunity to tackle many obstacles.

During a Reset Session I use my ability to convert energy. In addition, I have the gift of bright hearing, clairvoyant and psychic. This gives me information to get to the heart and core of the problem.

Partly because of this, insight is gained, energetic patterns are converted and things can actually change. People in return feel connected with a more symbiotic energy within the body, mind, and soul, and can (again) be full of enthusiasm in life.

And this makes me happy.