Reset Session

Resetting Energetic Systems

“I keep experiencing the same events in my life. Sometimes it makes me feel like there is no end in sight. I’d like to change this pattern. But how?”
An individual setting provides insight into how and why your energetic system affects your experiences. I usually start with a specific metaphor regarding your situation and name and explain the different aspects of it.
Then I’ll go to the origin of your energy system. Here we can come to discover several key points. Think of connection and relationships, the right to exist and your safety in this existence, unconditional love for yourself and a purpose. At these key points, different survival systems are enabled in your time as an entity.
After an explanation of how your specific systems work, this will be reset. The reset goes through questions I ask you while you are connected to the origin of your problem. Resetting has the positive effect that if you want to go into a certain direction with your life, you will find that this will be easier.
After a Reset Session, your energetic system will have changed. You have changed. The patterns that have been getting in your way for years will now be easier for you to influence and change.