A Reset Session is very suitable for children.

There are many reasons why a child cannot be completely themselves and gets stuck. Here too, I can bring a lot of relief and sometimes solve things completely by going to the core of the problem.

For example, children who sleep poorly because they are anxious. Maybe because they feel that someone is there, or they hear scary sounds and therefore are afraid to lie alone in bed.

Or children who can get very angry out of (seemingly) nowhere without the idea that they can influence it themselves.

I treat children up to the age of about 14 remotely (not in the practice) with one of the parents present in my practice. After this age, it is possible for your child to do a session in person with parental presence.


It has been three weeks since I was with Robert for my 11-year-old daughter.

I dare say she’s really doing a lot better. She has turned into herself again. She is especially much more confident and less mood changes have occurred.

Thank you, also on behalf of my daughter!


I wanted help for my son and even remotely my son experienced a lot of positive things without knowing it.

He suddenly felt very happy but could not explain this. He suddenly had a lot of messages from friends and ran into old classmates. Very unusual and beautiful to experience. I finally saw my son smile broadly again!!


Our youngest of 11 years has benefited greatly from the remote consultation. He suffered from frustration and anger, was insecure in his friendships, constantly had the urge to snack out of discontent and slept badly (scared) in his own room. He recognized himself in the metaphor that Robert explained to him and is now feeling much more like himself again.


With robert’s help and good care, our 8-year-old son is slowly but surely solving a lot of his problems. We advise every parent to visit Robert as soon as you see your child getting stuck.


What is also very nice is that it has given our son of 4 so much more peace. Thank you!