Welcome to the practice for Energetic Change

Every human being is unique. This requires a proper alignment for each individual. My way of working is unique, individual and explicitly tailored to you.

Why a Reset Session?

‘“I feel like I keep facing the same events in my life. Sometimes it makes me feel like there is no end in sight. I’d like to change this pattern. But how?”
Do you recognize yourself in this? Then a Reset Session might be for you.
Even if you have tried many other things such as conversations, trainings, courses, they might still give you insufficient results. A Reset Session might be something for you. With this Reset Session, you quickly go deeper into the issues and you can find out the origin of your problem. You don’t have to go into a trance or anything like that. A 1 to 1 call is enough. (see Reset Session heading for more information)


With a targeted Reset Session, you can take a different look at yourself and solve blockages that seem unsolvable to you.


A Reset Session is also possible via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. The effect of such a session is the same as a session with me in my practice. Keeping 1.5 meters (6 ft) away in my practice is also possible.